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Executive Search : Search Methodology
With a commitment to exceed the client’s expectations, we’ve devised a standard methodology of executive search, with a scope of customization, as per the unique needs of our clients.

For each search assignments, one of our consultants – an astute professional, having wide experience in search assignments, will be working in partnership with the client.

Different phases of search assignments are described herewith, in brief.
Role Articulation :
Working in partnership with the client, the professional consultant will Gain a clear understanding of the client’s organization, group companies, promoters, hierarchy, work culture etc.;
Understand the client’s position in the market & get details of their competitors;
Get into the details of the required education, required set of skills, define the experience, identify the critical attributes required in the profiles sought.
Preparing the Brief :
After detail interaction with the client on their needs, our consultant will Prepare a corporate profile of the client organization;
Make specifications for the position, highlighting the responsibilities of the position, qualification, experience, reporting structure etc.
Come out with a list of “ESSENTIAL” & “DESIRABLE BUT NOT ESSENTIAL” attributes required from the ideal candidate;
Research & discuss about the market scenario and Discuss the search strategy
On getting the agreement of the above with the client, the abovementioned brief will serve as a document for future reference.
Devising the Detail Search Strategy :
Once the brief is finalized, our consultant along with the research associate(s) will do the company mapping which includes the list of the companies in the specific industry, & identify the target companies where the sought after candidates having the functional experience may be available
Sourcing Resources :
Our consultant will share the brief with his team and research associate, who in turn will start accessing the existing database, extract the information of the prospective candidates from the target companies from their websites & other sources.
Candidate Evaluation :
After identifying the prospective candidates, we shall start checking the interest and availability of the prospective candidates, getting their updated profiles & validating them. Our consultant will hold a detailed interaction and evaluate the prospective candidates based on the specifications of the position.

Our consultant shall be doing the informal reference check and qualification check, for the sort-listed candidates.

For evaluating and assessing the candidates, our consultant will take the help of assessment tools, like Graphology, Psychometric Tests etc.
Candidate Presentation :
Our consultant will prepare an exhaustive note on the candidates, based on the interaction and the assessment and forward the profiles of the relevant and appropriate candidates.

From time to time, our consultant will keep on updating the client about the reaction of the candidates towards the client organization and the position.
Co-ordination :
Our consultant shall take care of briefing each & every sort-listed candidates about the client, position and co ordinate the personal interviews of the client as well as the candidates.
Formal Reference Checking :
Once the candidate has been finalized, our consultant will start the formal reference checking from the sources that are capable of providing details about the candidate’s experience, behavior etc.
Starting of A New Beginning :
During the entire process, our consultant will:
Guide and support the prospective candidates;
Intervene & support till the package & other details are finalized.
Take care of all the formalities till the joining of the candidates.
Try to resolve issues – if any.
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