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HR Articles : HR As A Strategic Partner
“It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but rather the one most responsive to change” Charles Darwin, 1859
With the Changing role of HR, in the coming years the role of HR would be perceived as Strategic Partners.

Functioning of organizations where HR work in strategic partnership would be as under:

The human capital strategy is in operation throughout its businesses and functions;

HR leaders are involved in strategic discussions and business decisions, with fellow business leaders;
HR Leaders work on succession planning, and the human capital implications of M & A (mergers & acquisitions), change management etc.;
HR professionals, at all level, understands business issues and needs, and apply that knowledge in their day to day functioning;
HR professionals focus on talent acquisition, retention & development strategy to foster a high performance culture, bring in the quality & speed in the business, leadership development programs, working in close partnership with business and line managers.
HR professionals carry out the administrative and record keeping activities efficiently and in line with strategic, financial and service goals.
Or else it is being outsourced & managed well by the consulting firms.(Because HR  can do it – doesn’t mean HR should do it)
The HR professionals have well-defined goals, KRA’s (Key responsible areas) and equally clear SMR’s (specific measurable results) for performance evaluation.
  As per the Mercers study & recommendation, the role of HR may be bifurcated into two:
Chief Human Resources Officer (with strategic responsibility – focus on creating and implementing the human capital strategy) &
HR Controller (with transactional responsibility like managing HR budget, costs, vendors, metrics & service delivery – quantifying and measuring the business impact of HR policies & programs)
The finance function offers a useful parallel. In finance, responsibilities are divided between the CFO (for business alignment & strategy) and the controller (for efficient & effective operations)

Whether the role of HR is bifurcated or not, for HR to be accepted as a strategic partner, it must be seen to be capable of managing its own house efficiently and delivering essential services – from recruitment to training and development – in a reliable and cost-effective manner.

Unless HR can speak the language of business, gain a familiarity with financial, commercial and operational issues and understand other managers at all levels, it is unlikely that it will make the transition from service provider to strategic business partner.
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