Temporary (Contract) Staffing

“…coz temporary could be a permanent solution.”

What is Temporary (Contract) Staffing?

Temporary Staffing refers to employees working for the client organization while on the payroll of the Consultant. Once the specific job or the contract is completed, the temps can be released, re-hired or offered a permanent place.

In dynamic business environments, Temporary / Contract Staffing (Off Roll Services) returns many advantages. Mainly they are:

  • No hire / fire complications

  • No obligation on Company to advance the growth of the employee

  • Freedom from administrative hassles

  • Statutory compliances discharged by the Consultant

  • Offers flexibility in times of expansion by virtually immediate staffing without administrative procedures

  • Trouble free handling in times of downsizing

  • Scalability with a single point of contact, instead of dealing with a huge workforce;

  • Offers a risk free trial for permanent hiring of an employee, especially at the senior and middle levels

Why DCSPL for Temporary / Contract Staffing?

  • As of Jun'18, managing 3500 plus temps in more than 30 client organisations;

  • DCSPL has the experience and expertise to manage senior, middle and junior management employees on its payroll. To cite one example: As of now, we have 180 plus employees of one of our esteemed clients on our rolls, with the annual salary of INR 70 million plus being  paid through us;

  • DCSPL also associates with agencies with experience and expertise in blue collar requirements

  • DCSPL has the flexibility in the approach for offering tailor made services;

  • DCSPL helps, plan, recruit and manage temporary resources;

  • Owing to our professional management, the clients place their resources identified through other sources onto our payrolls;

  • DCSPL brings its experience with many different environments to work for its Clients

  • DCSPL takes complete responsibility in a timely and efficient manner for all

     a) HR administrative activities including recruiting, retaining & retrenching people,

     b) Payroll management through web based application, and

     c) Statutory compliance’s for the outsourced resources

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