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In today's competitive world, expectation for performance is high and hence a Mr. Right is required always for a specific responsibility. Ask anybody and with out blinking he/she will agree that it is the human resource, which is most important. In fact, all successful managers irrespective of their field of specialization and qualification are HR managers. History is replete with examples.

Are you involved in the process of assessing this precious resource for Recruitment (Personnel Selection), Promotions, Transfers, Periodic Evaluation, Framing retention strategies?

Past performance is no guarantee for promotion, so remember Peter Principle (The theory that employees within an organization will advance to their highest level of competence and then be promoted to and remain at a level at which they are incompetent.

Oh!! You need to fire an employee prone to problem, besides creating safeguard for white-collar crimes of money pilferage and espionage.

How and what do you do to know the behavior of people and does that snugly fit to what is expected?
Only answer is to communicate to know the psyche
Every person communicates, as it is a basic need. But people communicate what they consider or perceive is beneficial for them. In other words they talk what they think that other person will, most probably, like it. That means we lie quiet often, and hide multitudes of secrets and teach younger to do so. We wish that others should not lie with us; however it is not going to happen though we wish.

In competitive world, we expect to understand the psyche of a person with whom we have to deal which has an effect on his thought process. It is not possible to access psyche of a person, so indirect method is necessary and that is through observing his behavior. So communicate with him.
Finally, learn to differentiate between Apparent (lie) and True (actual) message while receiving.
There are three options as communication tools.
Transactional Analysis (verbal)
Kinesics – Body Language
Graphopsychology – handwriting analysis
The purpose of these communication tools is to go beyond the qualification and assess attitude and aptitude (psyche) of the candidate.

An intelligent person like Charles Shobharaj can be devastating to an organization. The first two tools are useful when person is physically available but sourcing has global and people need to be judged without meeting. The answer lies with tool GRAPHOPSYCHOLOGY.
Man does not use hands to paint a picture. He uses his head to paint - Michel Angelo
Basic understanding of Graphopsychology :
Precision - job match
Efficiency - short listing applications
Reliability - crime, career
Predictability - career growth projection
What to expect?
Tells about physical, mental, emotional facets, including psychosomatic condition. (Stress related)
Reflects unconscious and conscious aspects.
Reveals past and present growth.
Shows fixed and unfixed traits.
Projection of behavior depending upon anticipated / assessed futuristic environment (putting a person under simulated condition by providing structured questionnaire)
In fact, all traits of person where any organization and/or his coworker would be interested.
How can your company BENEFIT from Handwriting Analysis?
Save your company time and money (by drastically reducing employee turnover)
Build productive teams with Effective Leaders & Efficient Supervisors
Detect integrity, honesty and dishonesty
Find out whether the prospective candidates have characteristics that will make them suitable or not suitable for the position
Identify mental or health problems such as suicidal tendencies, drug dependence
Identify any trouble making tendencies; prevent union problems, backstabbing, stealing
Find out if the person is compatible with the rest of the office team
Get the information edge when hiring, promoting or reorganizing human resources
The results are close to the truthful personality of the applicant
Though all three tools satisfy essential qualities, only Graphology has decisive edge in “EFFICIENCY, ECONOMY”
Does not need physical presence for communication.
Travel time and expenses (company or applicant) saved.
While short-listing, time is saved for both as well cost for interview.
Applicant provides permanent record about his true and apparent personality, at very low expenses.
The procedure is private, non-invasive and concentrates only on the position the writer is applying for.
Handwriting Analysis can provide companies with personality profiles of potential employees and a risk assessment of the applicant allowing an employer to determine if a job fits the individual BEFORE hiring and if the individual is compatible with the rest of the office team.

For Top & Senior Management positions, which are key positions, demanding peak performance, the traits that we are looking in a candidate, need to be brought up through his handwriting. Hence we need to simulate condition for peak performance i.e. first person involvement, vis-à-vis behavior of prospective candidate.

In this simulated write-up, majority points will surface directly in the form of graphic traits and selection of words. All these points are interdependent and demand cross- check for accuracy. They are of interpretative nature.
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